Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin inventor once again unmasked

A British news site claims to have revealed the secret of Satoshi Nakamoto through stylometric analysis. Behind the pseudonym, which is responsible for the basic Bitcoin-White-Paper, the developer Gavin Andresen is supposed to hide.

Since an anonymous author published the Bitcoin White Paper in 2009, the question has arisen as to who is behind it. No wonder, since the nine-page document entitled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System explains the principle of the blockchain for the first time, the foundation of most crypto currencies and decentralized technologies. Is the author someone who has since renounced and isolated himself from his invention? Is the pseudonym a group of developers who wrote the paper together? Or is the Bitcoin inventor hiding in the front line of the crypto scene? If we want to believe the latest revelations, the latter is most likely.

Is Gavin Andresen Satoshi Nakamoto or another Bitcoin secret?

Gavin Andresen is a software developer from Massachusetts and has been involved with the Bitcoin secret since its inception. In 2010, the person behind Satoshi Nakamoto appointed him chief developer for the reference implementation of Bitcoin software. Andresen was responsible for programming and maintaining the Bitcoin secret code for several years. In 2014, he gave up this position and devoted himself less to code building and more to working in the Bitcoin Foundation, which he co-founded.

He himself has already “unmasked” Satoshi Nakamoto: in 2016, he named the Australian computer scientist Craig Steven Wright as the true founder of Bitcoin. In retrospect, however, he regretted participating in the “Who is Satoshi game”. The assumption that he himself is behind the ideas of Blockchain and Bitcoin is at least plausible.

How does the Stilometry cryptosoft analysis work?

Stilometry refers to a series of cryptosoft methods that use word statistics to identify an unknown author based on his writing style. It has been used for over a hundred years, for example to identify anonymous authors of literary masterpieces. Approaches have evolved with cryptosoft technology.

The magazine ZyCrypto, which claims to have made the latest revelation, used the so-called “Eder’s bootstrapped stylometry method”. With this method, which is described in detail in the article, the analysts compared the white paper with verified emails and forum posts from Satoshi and other early Bitcoin authors. Thus, the white paper most closely resembles the text of Satoshi’s emails. This was foreseeable. However, the similarity between Gavin Andresen’s GitHub texts from that time and the white paper is greater than the similarity between Satoshi’s forum texts and the white paper. Andresen surpasses Satoshi in terms of textual kinship. Analysts see this as proof of the assumption that he and Satoshi are one and the same person.

And what does Gavin Andresen say about the revelations? On Twitter he reported that his opinion about the reliability of stylometrics had deteriorated significantly after reading the analysis. So the guesswork surrounding Satoshi Nakamo continues.