Members Access
Generations CCU is a new statewide credit union, offering a full range of financial services to its members. GCCU is a certified community development financial institution, providing affordable credit to low-wealth families across the state.

Anyone can be a member of Generations. Membership requires a deposit of $25, $15 of which is a tax-deductible membership fee giving you membership with the North Carolina Minority Support Center (NCMSC). NCMSC is the sponsoring nonprofit organization which is dedicated to relieving poverty, combating community deterioration and creating jobs and homeownership opportunities for low and moderate income people throughout the state in conjunction with North Carolina’s community credit unions. For more information on NCMSC, visit:

Financial Counseling
Generations reaches out to the communities we serve by offering a program of financial literacy that allows our members to achieve economic self-sufficiency. We offer members financial counseling through workshops and one-on-one mentoring. Our program is focused on but not limited to the following:

Budget Counseling
Credit Counseling
Investment Counseling
Homeownership Counseling

Homebuyers Workshops
Generations offers Homebuyers counseling to members to help them prepare for homeownership. We are committed to helping our members understand all that is involved in owning a home by covering topics such as Personal Family Budgeting, Learning To Save and The Role of Credit In Obtaining A Home. To schedule a counseling session, please contact your local branch.


Member Benefits
Our membership benefits allow members to track their finances, receive credit union news and receive special offers and discount tickets to help plan for family vacations. Below is a list of the benefits offered.

Monthly/Quarterly Statements
Quarterly Newsletters
Discount Coupons to Area Attractions initial
Membership of the North Carolina Minority Support Center, a statewide organization serving community development credit unions.

Order Your Credit Report
Order a copy of your credit report online from Equifax.

Identity Theft

Be extremely careful about giving out personal identifying information, such as your mother’s maiden name and your Social Security number. Ask if it can be held confidentially. Inquire into how it will be used and with whom it will be shared. Give your Social Security number only when absolutely necessary. Ask to use other types of identifiers when possible. Do not put your Social Security or driver’s license numbers on your personal checks.

Never provide any personal, financial account or credit card information to anyone who contacts you through a telephone solicitation or by email. Ask them to mail your information so that you can further research the company and their products and services.

Keep items containing your personal information in a safe place. Keep a list of all credit cards, account numbers, expiration dates and the customer service phone numbers in a secure place so that you can quickly contact your creditors in case your cards are lost or stolen.