Altcoin Market Analysis KW11 – Price drop instead of crypto spring

Total market capital fell to 322 billion euros this week. All crypto currencies within the top 10 have suffered losses of at least 11%.

However, the structure of cryptosoft has not changed

The price development of the ten cryptosoft currencies with the highest market capital, which is stated in billions of euros, is shown: For crypto currencies that are currently not directly exchangeable into euros, the respective trading pair was taken with US dollars as the basis and converted into euros.

“The freshness of spring soon makes sobriety angry” – this is how one could describe the last week. After the week had started quite favourably, the entire market was shaken, which meant a fall of 28% for the Bitcoin share price within a few days. Although Bitcoin and the other currencies within the top 10 have recovered slightly, the market remains weak. From an initial 381 billion euros, total market capital fell to 322 billion euros. On average, crypto currencies in the top 10 fell by 20%. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin performed above average.

However, the structure of the top 10 has not changed in this price quake: There was no new crypto currency in the top 10 and the order of the crypto currencies also remained the same.

Best crypto trader price development: Litecoin

The “best”, of course, is a euphemism with a price drop of almost 12%. The Litecoin crypto trader price fell below the exponential moving averages, like this and EM100 within the last week, but was able to bounce off the EMA840 and is currently testing the EMA50.

A negative but rising MACD as well as an RSI at 56 leads to a neutral to bullish impression. Support is described by the weekly minimum. The resistance corresponds to the beginning of the price fall last week, i.e. the moment when the EMA100 was breached.